Scientists study the world as it is, engineers, create the world that never has been. So we created the world of Birds with BirdEye.
It is a mobile device that you can leave at any place such as a bird’s feeding station or a bird’s nest or any place you want. What is interesting here is that feeders are close to each other and always on the camera frame.
The mobile device consists of a tiny portable camera with a Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor and an image processor, capable of taking pictures and live videos.
The PIR sensor detects a movement of a living being in front of the device and automatically switches on the camera for still pictures and videos of your choice. The device goes to sleep mode when there is no activity detected in front of the device for a longer battery life, the image processor makes it a perfect shot of wildlife.
Nevertheless, the device creates a wifi hotspot that helps you download captured images and/or videos into your other devices. Also, the wifi connection helps you change the settings of device sensitivity and image settings as you wish.